Welcome to Dravis ERP & POS System - Your All-in-One Business Solution

Streamline your business operations with our comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and POS (Point of Sale) system. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, our software offers a range of powerful modules to manage every aspect of your enterprise efficiently.

Key Features

Purchase and Sale Management

Streamline procurement and sales processes with our integrated management tools. Monitor transactions, manage orders, and track sales performance effortlessly.

User Management:

Define roles and permissions to control access and ensure data security. Empower your team with customized user profiles tailored to their responsibilities.

Products Management & Barcode Printing:

Easily organize and track your products with our intuitive management system. Generate barcodes effortlessly for quick inventory management.

Stock Management:

Maintain optimal inventory levels with real-time stock tracking. Minimize stockouts and overstocking to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Quotation Management:

Create professional quotations and send them directly to clients via email. Impress your customers with timely and accurate quotes.

Purchase & Sale Return Management:

Handle purchase and sales returns seamlessly. Simplify the return process and ensure customer satisfaction with efficient return management.

Expense Management:

Track expenses and maintain financial transparency with our expense management module. Monitor spending, analyze trends, and make informed decisions to optimize your budget.

Customer and Supplier Management:

Build stronger relationships with customers and suppliers. Keep detailed records, track interactions, and personalize communication for enhanced customer satisfaction and vendor management.

What We Offer

Additional Features